To wear a Veil or Not to wear a veil?


Veil or no Veil


I always do my best to convince a bride otherwise, because I absolutely love veils! The key is not to think of the veil as a symbol that defines who you are as a woman. Instead, see your veil as a superb accessory to your gown. It is rich with potential for enhancing your wedding-day look—especially if your preference is to wear an understated dress. The veil amplifies things for that special hour of the ceremony—and particularly the important moment of your first appearance, which sets the tone for the whole event.

If you are a more fashion-forward woman, you can choose an avant-garde veil, with extra volume and extreme shape, to add dramatic impact. This can be very powerful when paired with a streamlined and understated gown. If you are a classic bride, you can bring a touch of heritage to a modern gown with a veil that’s trimmed in lace. Or, if people know you for your sophisticated, contemporary style, wearing a veil that is lightly embellished with crystals can enchant and surprise them, adding a delightful air of magic and fairytale.

When a bride finds a veil that truly expresses and amplifies her personal style, it’s wonderful to see how happily she embraces the idea—and how she glows with self-assuredness and delight on her wedding day.  So it's up to you.  To wear a veil or not to wear a veil?