Traveling with your bridal gown

Advice from the designer: Traveling with your bridal gown.


Here at Angel Rivera we get emails and phone calls daily. If you're planning a destination wedding, you're likely wondering how to get that precious wedding dress to your exotic location in one piece. We are here to help you solve this little dilemma and any other dilemmas you may have during the wedding-planning process.


If you are one of the hundreds of brides flying to your wedding destination, you probably are wondering "What's the best way to transport my wedding dress on the plane?"


Well, you should plan to carry the wedding dress in a garment bag onto the plane with you. It can be stowed either in the hanging closet for first class passengers, or in the overhead compartment above your seat. Or, you can fold the garment bag into a carry-on suitcase for easier storage. Either way, your dress will most likely wrinkle, so plan to have it steamed when you arrive at your destination. Call your hotel ahead of time and schedule a time where the hotel's dry cleaner can steam the gown for you. If your hotel doesn't offer this service, make sure to ask if they provide steamers to guests so you can steam out any wrinkles on your gown.