What is a trunk show?

Newly engaged and not up on bridal lingo?  We are here to help!

A trunk show is an opportunity for local bridal salons to introduce brides-to-be to designer gowns they otherwise might not carry in store.  Usually only a few days long and by appointment only, trunk shows offer brides a chance to order straight-off-the-runway styles that the bridal salon will then make sure are properly tailored and promptly delivered for the big day.
Just in time for trunk show season to begin here are four reasons to attend a trunk show as well a cheat sheet for successfully navigating the bridal extravaganza.

1) To see the brand new collection. 
At a bridal trunk show, a bride-to-be is getting to see a collection that is not available yet in stores or online. Seeing a collection for the first time is always exciting for both the bride and her guests.

2) To get one-on-one time with designer.
Brides will get personal attention from the designer at a trunk show.  For example, during our upcoming Angel Rivera trunk shows, brides-to-be will get to work with Angel Rivera while shopping for their Angel Rivera gown.

3) To add personal touches to your wedding-day look.
Brides will get expert advice from the designer and the store’s consultants on how they can customize and modify their own gown, making it that much more special.

4) To receive perks.
Last-minute shopping for your wedding dress? During a trunk show, rush charges or special sizing fees may be waived.  Also you might get to waive bridal gown customizations, such as extending a train or adding a sleeve. These are some great ways to save on your wedding gown.

Our trunk show cheat sheet:
• When attending a trunk show, come with an open mind and be willing to try on gowns you thought you never would.
• Bring the people whose opinion you trust the most. Do not bring a big entourage, as it will make your experience more confusing for you.
• Come ready to make a decision, because the designer incentives and store discount will just be available during the trunk show.
• Most important, have fun!

Here is a list of our up coming Trunk shows!
Trunk show Schedule