Generations of Love

Today, we are celebrating LOVE through the years.  You and your soon to be spouse are starting a lifetime of love together, but you are not the first ones.  Who you are has been shaped by your family in many ways. Whether or not they are present on your wedding day, you can still honor your family members in unique and special ways.

Incorporating them into your attire:


Have you thought about wearing your mom’s veil? How about a special watch or ring that your grandfather gave to your grandmother? My grandmother has a beautiful watch that includes diamonds from 2 generations before her! Wearing a family heirloom on your wedding day can make you feel connected to the love that has come before you.


Perhaps a favorite example comes from a member of the Angel Rivera family.  She walked down the aisle with a very special handkerchief.  At her rehearsal dinner, she was presented with one of her grandfather’s handkerchiefs that had been saved since his passing.  A row of lace from her grandmothers wedding gown and then a row of lace from her mother’s wedding gown were then sewn onto the handkerchief.  She hopes to add a row of lace from her own gown and give it to her daughter someday!
All Wedding Proofs 008           All Wedding Proofs 1566



Including pictures in your décor or favors:

Ask your family for their wedding photos! As far back as you can record, include photos from both sides of the couple.  Frame the photos and put them on the gift table.  Put a different picture on each favor box.  Use a picture collage as your place card holders.
hanging generations picturesgenerations picturesgenerations of love


Include Inspirations of the Past in your Food and Drinks:

Now this is where you can really start getting creative! Are you a foodie? Ask your mom what was her favorite food served at her wedding.  Ask your chef to recreate or update the recipe!

 Are you having passed hors d’oeuvres or an appetizer station? Include the wedding date and location of your family member with a dish that it inspires.  If your Aunt and Uncle were married in Jamaica, you can include Jerk Chicken! If your grandmother was married in Italy, include an antipasto station!
Mindy Weiss food stationwedding-appetizers


And what about the cocktails? How much fun you can have! Have your bartender create His and Her Cocktails stations! The bride and groom can pick different cocktails that remind them of family members.  A Bourbon Manhattan for your grandfather? A Pink Lady for your mother? The possibilities are endless!
Pink Lady Cockatilmanhattan


Many brides and grooms are creating signature cocktails for their wedding.  Why not feature popular cocktails from when your family members were married?  The taste testing could be fun as well - Have you ever tried a Sidecar? Delicious!

The generations that have come before will give you advice throughout your marriage.  Their love and lifetime bond will inspire your love story as well.  How will you honor their marriages at your ceremony?